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election day and from the president of the united states to the school board president it's your chance to make your voice hear. you know how you are going to vote. those stories and the big story election day on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson let's check the forecast for election day do we need to bundle up. >> we are talking about temperatures in the 20s and 30s. look at arnold at 35 degrees over to jessup 30 and sykesville coming in at 29. so not only do you need the big coat i suggest to put an hat or earmuffs. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we are dry right now. we will stay that way as we go throughout the day. the cold temperatures bringing in a freeze warning until 9 and this is what to peck for your planner. 47 quite chilly as we go into the afternoon. let's check the traffic with lauren good morning. >> oh actually well. >> we are going to traffic in a moment but we will talk about the polls because they are set
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to open. >> less than an hour they open in maryland and a number of key issues for us and the president of course t.j. winick is standing by in chicago with a report. >> reporter: good morning. the president ended his campaign yesterday here in the midwest. and right now, it looks as if a last-minute surge could carry barack obama to four more years. most of the east coast of the u.s. was asleep, residents of dixville notch a tiny village in new hampshire headed to the polls to cast the first votes in the u.s. presidential election. after 43 seconds of voting, president obama and republican mitt romney each had 5 votes. as machines prepared to vote a poll shows president obama pulling ahead by 3 points. but within the margin of error among likely voters. >> hello, iowa. >> reporter: an emotional final rally monday night the president asked iowa to help him finish what he started. >> but we are here because we have more work to do.
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we are not done yet on this journey we have got more road to travel. >> reporter: the president's pitch earlier in the day that he is the same idealist he was four years ago. >> you see the scars on me to prove it. you have seen the gray hair on my head. to show you. what it means to fight for change. >> reporter: for mitt romney, a push to the finish. starting in florida monday, then virginia and ohio and new hampshire nearing midnight. >> perhaps your family and friends have not made up who they are going to vote for -- made up their mind who they are going to vote for. ask them to look beyond the speeches and ads and attacks because talk is cheap. ask them to look at the record. >> reporter: the president spends election day here in chicago with his family and he has no publically schedule events but he will address his
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supporters here at the lakeside center either later tonight or perhaps early tomorrow morning. win or lose reporting live t.j. winick, abc news. heading to the polls may make you wait. >> watching the roads with the commutes and people could be delayed today lauren. >> reporter: yes, we are dealing with several accidents. trouble in anne arundel county. there's a crash at route 295 along the northbound lanes at 175. a crash on north rolling road atcrosby. something to watch out for. if you are traveling on the beltway this morning, as we check in and look live here on the west side, at liberty road, traffic is moving right along. no delays right now looking at just a normal 11-minute ride on outer loop from 795 down to 95. and as we look at the abc2 timesaver traffic drive times, the rest of the beltway going to be in great shape it's going to take 11 minutes as well to travel outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and there are no concerns right
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now on 95 in white marsh. it's going to take you four minute to travel southbound from route 43 down to 695. that's a look at your traffic megan and charley over to you. voters will have important designificants. >> question 6 and whether or not to allow same sex couples to marry. if it passes it's going make history. >> abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live with more on the explanation of the story. that is big decision. >> reporter: it is. in about an hour voters will cast the ballot on the ballot is question 6. it tackles same sex marriage. maryland will become the first state to legalize same sex marriage through a ballot referendum if it passes. emotions are high on both sides and we caught up with some folks at rock city church during an all night prayer service. bishops spent time educating parishioners and urge them to vote against question 6 opponents of question 6 say they collected more than double the number of signatures required to push it to a referendum. meanwhile governor o'malley says granting same sex couples
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a marriage license is the civil right and marylanders should vote yes for itch the measure allows clergy to on the out of marrying same sex couples. >> you tell me what i do with my grandchildren when they seamen with boys -- see men with boys and a man goes to jail because there's men and boys and. >> the bill before the voters on referendum of question 6 protects religious freedom and protects every child's home equally under the law. it is called justice and it's called fairness. >> reporter: voters appear split on the issue that has the nation watching maryland. if passed it would make maryland the 7th state to approve marriage equality. the polls open 579 a.m. and close at 8 -- 59 a.m. andclose at 8 tonight. five -- open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 tonight. question four has to deal with the dream act. if it passes, it would allow some undocumented students a
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chance to receive in-state tuition rates for community college and then four-year universities in maryland. the students would have to meet criteria to be eligible for the breaks. and question 7 is about expanded gaming. a vote of yes would allow a casino to be built in prince george's county as well as table games at all of the statcay sanyo. we are work -- casino. we are work throughout the day and the night probably the overnight hours at the website. find five things to know before heading out the door to vote. head to well if you are look for a place to watch the results -- looking for a place to watch the results, a beloved restaurant is now open. >> mount washington tavern reopens today. and linda so is here with the details. what time are the doors going to be opened? i think people want a know and what's different. >> reporter: i hope you are hungry. doors will open in time for dinner at 5 tonight. it's taken a year a get the place back up and running. but if you look at the video you will be surprised. this is the work that's been done the past year. owners had to rebuild the
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tavern from the ground up after a devastating fire destroyed the place on halloween last year. the tavern has a new design that's more open and easier to walk around and it has two rooms upstairs and an outdoor deck area. but you will see familiar faces the staff is still the same. the coowner says it's been a lot of work but he knew without a doubt they had to rebuild. >> the day of the fire, the builder who is a friend of ours as well as tavern customer and built addition on my home he was standing on the bridge with us before the sun came up with the fire. and we just looked at him and said hey, there's no question we are going to rebuild. it's all we know. >> reporter: the doors open tonight at 5 p.m. for dinner andthe tavern will be open for normal business hours starting tomorrow. a grand reopening party is set for the day before thanksgiving on november 21st at 8 p.m. linda so, abc2 news. it's 7 minutes after 6 right now. linda thanks.
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clearly, he wants the job but you might wonder why. >> looking at the toll the presidency takes on the man himself after taking office, it kind of makes you wonder exactly what happens to the commander and chief after being sworn in. >> gray weather, lack of exercise and light. there's reasons why you might be so down this time of year. what can be done ahead. >> and downed trees torn up homes and sandy has left her mark. now it's the form of huge trash piles that's going to have everyone talking coming up. >> and we are dry right now. we have a few clouds across the area. but we are waiting for the nor easter to move in as we go through tomorrow. i will tell you about the impact that it will have on us coming up. >> reporter: everything is nice and clear here on 97 at route 100. but we are dealing with accidents across the region. details coming up next. >> and that is live picture of new york city's times square. let's go up there to get today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech
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bites even in this digital age there are still major concerns about the security of online voting. nearly all of this year's votes will be cast by traditional methods even in new jersey where hurricane victims may vote using e-mail or fax. some states go i have been military personnel the option. apple's share of the tablet computer market is only half. the ipad face more can he station from android device but apple shipped more ipads in the third quart he than year earlier and the new ipads may spark sales and they did this past weekend. apple sold 3 million tablets in the three days following the release of the ipad mini. that's twice as many devices as when the ipad three was launch last march. and the photo sharing service instagram is expanding out net. those ruer tech bites have a great day and -- those are your tech bites. have a great day and go vote. i am rob nelson.
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problem keep piling up for victims of sandy. this is what it looks like on staten island. debris from damaged homes in downed trees littering the streets and some cases the trash is making it difficult for volunteers to deliver food and water and other supplies. they are having trouble getting those into the areas and you know megan, people on staten island need the supplies the most. >> they are nervous because there could be another storm headed their way and so many people are without any sort of heat. so i guess the idea of more rain possibly snow got to hurt. >> exactly and it's not going to be as bad as sandy but doesn't matter because sady -- sandy did so much damage. the soil is saturated and trees. >> insult to injure. >> i exactly. that's what we will see going
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through tomorrow for those areas. for us, maybe a little bit better but we are not totally out of woods. let's tell you what's going on. we have this storm down to the south. this will slide off the coast and go up the coast as we head into tomorrow. and with that, that is when we will see windy conditions across the area. so, our impacts from the nor'easter breezy and also rain across the area for tomorrow. now there is is a chance we could be seeing snow but mainly as we go overnight into thursday, and it looks like the biggest impacts with this storm will stay mainly along the coastal sections so again the immediate coast that's where you are going to be getting the heaviest y pact because of the center of the storm is going to be so far away from land. so i am going to put it in motion so you can see exactly what i am talking about. so this goes into motion and i stop it and this is the center of the storm right there. you can't see this off the screen a bit. but that's good. that's showing you how far away it is from land and the outer rain bands really not affecting
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us but don't take this for exactly what it is. again this will move probably in a little bit so we will begin to see rain across our area for tomorrow. i am talking about baltimore and i am going to put it back in motion going through time, the snow looks like again it's in new jersey places that don't need any type of snow wet weather, winds across the area. and i will put it back in motion again and then you can can see some of that blue so we are looking at around delaware and also the eastern shore and this is overnight wednesday into thursday morning. so there is a possibility for some wet snow to work its way in across our area so don't be surprised for that at all. and this is going to dry things out going into friday and then things will start to look good for the weekend but for right now as you step out the door we have a dry day on tap a very cold day and you can see the temperatures coming in in the 20s this morning. and also the low 30s. so thiss what you are planning for going -- this is what you are planning for going through time. high temperatures around 47 and as we go into the 7-day
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forecast it looks like this. again, mixed showers and snow showers and also some rain showers as we go into wednesday. that is definitely a possibility. we will see more of the snow showers likely as we go into thursday morning and then we dry out nicely as we head into the weekend and we begin to warm up. let's check the traffic with lauren good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are barely into november. and we are talking about the possibility of snow. not a fan of winter just yet. bring back the summer. bring back the warm temperatures lynette. unfortunately we are dealing with a crash in baltimore county. it's on rolling road at crosby. and if you are traveling the main lines all over all easy commute this election day as we check in and look live at 95 downtown, here at 395 every thing is moving along. there's no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel harbor tunnel will be nice and clear. and here's a look in hunt valley83 at shawan road many no delays down to 695. a -- the jfx no delays into the
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site. normal 11 minutes ride southbound from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. beltway is in great shape. no delays from parkville all the way up to towson and over on the west side of the beltway no delays there just 9 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charley over to you. health alert a major advance in medical research has to do with repairing heart damage by heart attacks. the study involving 30 patients from baltimore and miami researchers found stem cells donated by strangers proved as effective as patients whosecells were used to restouter heart tissue. it's known as the wint -- restart the heart tish drew. it's known as winter blues. >> so some of the common signs to keep in mind, sadness, anxiety, irritability, loss of interest in usual activities and the inability to concentrate. so what can you do?
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>> you have to get up, you have to get out of bed. you have to get outside. you have to get away from the booze and that makes things worst. you have to get with other people and you have to get moving. >> the dr. mike mcgee says buy a special lamp to mimic outdoor lights. stressed out about who you are going to vote for? >> it's nothing compared to holding the office of commander in chief. take a look. >> paying the poor son of a gun who won he is going to age. he ages 8 years for every four years he is in office on average. we studied teddy roosevelt until now and notice obama got gray hair. that's normal. they will age twice as many years as they are in office. >> one of the major reasons for the accelerated aging in the white house is the lack of friends to talk to when the going goas gets rough.
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looking back at photographs before and after of past president bill clinton aged a lot in his 8 years. and after his presidency ended, he said it was because he arnold about 4 hours of sleep -- averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night. hospital is a place to help people get better. and save their lives. >> one hospital says there's no place for soda in the building. we will tell you about the drastic measures they are taking and why some say it's so important. >> we have a dramatic rescue to tell you about how one family's adventure on water took a scarry turn. >> as we go to break a live look at the nation's capitol. a beautiful sunrise. washington monument silhouette is closed and it has to be repaired from the earthquake a year ago. good morning maryland continues in a moment. there are hundreds of ways people use
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lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook. news time 6:2. detroit hospital asked workers to sign a no pop pledge. >> another hospital plans to ban the sale of sugar drinks in an effort to combat obesity. soda will no longer be sold in the vending machines soon at children's mercy hospital. this is in kansas city
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missouri. >> we are eliminating the sail sale of sugar sweekened beverages. >> there will be -- sweekened beverages. >> there will be -- sweetened beverages. >> there are some exceptions. patients and patients and employees are welcome to bring their own pop into the hospital. now let's switch gears onto something fun. lauren is here with caption this. >> reporter: i love teed picture sent in by samantha and brent goldmig of their daughter who loves to go shopping at the disney store. this is a picture of her hanging out with all her favorite friends. we posted it on facebook generated aton of comments tony wrote in saying daddy knows how to play the claw machine. another says i am stuffed. jamie if you don't take me to disney, i will bring disney to me. susan saying going for a stroll with my peeps and max saying this is one way to take my mind
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off the election. so please keep your captions coming and i need caption this photos for this week many so e- mail yours to and thanks to samantha and brent for sending in the great picture. >> that's a great picture. >> thanks a lot. a day on the water turns into a frightening event for 7 people including children. they were sailing in northern california when the boat capsized. rescuers found five of them holding on to the hull for dear life. they soon learned two more kids were trapped in thship's cabin which was filling up with water. crews managed to get everyone out safely good to know that story has a happy ending. drugs and money is what police expect to find when they raid a house. >> so when you find a 3-foot alligator there, you would be surprised. we have the details of a raid in jessup where police called animal control in for backup.
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are's watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> he's skiesed of infenting -- he is accused of infecting dozens with hepatitis c and there may be a local case connected to the outbreak. >> and they are too young to vote and we have the results of a baltimore school's presidential election and their thoughts on the big issues inmaryland.
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>> charging for baggage makes you mad but wait until you hear how much airline is telling passengers to pay for the bag. triple digits is what we are talking. those stories straight ahead on this tuesday election day. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> let's head over toliette charles with check of the forecast. >> you two it's cold outside. cold enough for freeze warnings. and so we are looking at purple here all the areas shaded in purple. the breeze warning is in effect until 9. we can see the eastern shore looking pretty good this morning. still cold though just not at freezing or below freezing. so let's talk about the temperatures. because in elkton we are below the freezing point coming in at 29 degrees and look how dry we are outside bone dry 19 for a dew point and these dew points are also going to play a role in the storm that we will see as we go into tomorrow. so that's why another reg it's not look so bad for us going into tomorrow. yes we will get the rain and the winds across the area. but with that center further
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away from land, things are looking better for us. let's talk about the temperature now in easton coming in at 29 degrees. winds are on light side and they will start to pick up especially as we go into tomorrow. we will show you what's going on as we take you outside in bel air. sun cloud mix and the sun is rising a little earlier but setting a little earlier as well. and this is what we can expect in terms of wet weather for today. maryland's most powerful radar, not picking up on anything. we are skeining the skies as we have all the sweeps on. we will stay dry this morning and this afternoon, and evening. even this evening it won't be until tomorrow we will see the wet weather rolling in to the picture for us. but for today, this is how you can plan. you can plan to have the big coat on and maybe some gloves and a hat because temperatures this morning 34 degrees as we head into lunchtime coming in at 45 degrees but we see the sunshine across the area as we head into the afternoon around 47 degrees around 3:00, clouds will begin to increase and still chilly outside. let's check the

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